While in the Niaguis Web Solutions Control Panel you’re going to find a fully–fledged, user friendly Database Manager! Use it to experience complete control of all of your databases. It is easy to quickly create new MySQL and PgSQL databases and control them via the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin software tools, respectively.

A Simple point and click User interface

The simplest database control interface

Database management may seem like a hard task to novice web hosting customers, but with our Database Manager, it’s in fact relatively easy! To make a new database, you just have to enter the username and password. Database backups are just a click away as well.People that wish to explore their databases and also alter them should use the phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin tools.

Hepsia File Manager

Fast Database Back–up

Back up your databases in just a minute

We have made the manual database backup creation into a very simple job. To execute that: inside the Database Manager, click on the ’clock’ image on the side of the database that you want to back up and wait for a few seconds for the backup process to take place. Depending upon the size of the database, the building of a back–up file can take somewhere between a couple of seconds and a minute.

You can make as many back–ups per database as you want. We have not determined any boundaries about the volume of databases you can back up too.

Hepsia File Manager

Support for PgSQL

Assured reliability for your databases

PgSQL databases are much less widespread compared to the well–known MySQL databases. However, they’re a favored alternative for programmers seeking the ultimate security for their websites and applications. Through the easy–to–use Database Manager incorporated into the Niaguis Web Solutions Control Panel, you can control your PostgreSQL databases with a simple click of the mouse.

You are going to find PgSQL databases incorporated automatically inside of the advanced website hosting plans packages. Provided that you are using a regular hosting package, it is easy to request PgSQL databases to be included in your web hosting account as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The brand new face of MySQL

With Niaguis Web Solutions, you shall invariably discover the newest variant of MySQL as well as the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, mounted.

InnoDB is definitely more dependable when compared to the past storage engine’s version – MyISAM. It’s ACID–compliant and, above all – it offers 100% transaction support. Additionally, it works by using row–level locking, instead of MyISAM’s table–level locking, that would always lead to performance troubles at peak usage periods.

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Detailed Database Stats

Comprehensive stats for your databases

Via the all–encompassing database statistics tool included in the Control Panel, you are going to be able to keep track of the stress generated through your busy web sites around the clock. Every overload difficulty with your sites could reduce the loading rates and have a damaging impact on the overall impression of your respective site visitors. Consequently, by having information about the database load right away, you’ll be able to eliminate overload problems at once.

The database statistics user interface shows information of the quantity of daily, hourly and monthly lookups, meaning you can evaluate the way the load is allocated over different periods of time.

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